"Ned Milligan is a New York based elementary school teacher and occasional musician. He's behind the great small-run label Florabelle since 2015. This is his sixth solo album. "My work in the past five years has been grounded in recording and playing outdoors, trying to communicate the meaning of being in a particular location and finding meaning in interacting with whatever sounds or elements are equally present. I'm still excited by all of it! This sense of purpose continues with Considerable and the most I could wish for is that the specificity of what I am doing and where I'm doing it manages to evoke something in anyone listening--a connection to their own environments and spaces. None of these pieces is strictly documentary or one-take in approach or composition, but I hope that the combination of processed and "factual" sounds achieve integrity." chimes, singing drum, autoharp, field recordings, processing: Ned Milligan campfire recording in "Sky Smokes & Electronics": Jerome Klap additional percussion in "Mosey With Me": Rory Milligan singing: graciously and anonymously donated recorded mostly outdoors, sometimes indoors in York, Maine." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2023| LAAPS | 26.90

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