"neve describes centigrade as "sweet, moving sine tones, hazy sound waves, discreet music surrounding you... simultaneously inside and outside, close and far away, both accurate and blurry, like the sound of walking in the snow or the feeling you have while watching at the sun through the branches of a tree." as far as centigrade is concerned, this translates into a richly detailed ambient excursion that reveals something new with each listen, not unlike the more restrained moments of pan sonic's aaltopiiri. release. when the artist refers to these pieces as "micro sound sculptures", the immediate association is with the ice variety. hushed drones form a bed upon which various textures and half melodies - some from identifiable instruments, many not - float by, immersing and beguiling the listener: to quote the artist again "it is as much a time / space experience as a sonic experience as while playing i want to make the listener surrounded by sound, in a place where the time as no meaning." indeed although several tracks are of only short duration (2 minutes) deep listening certainly makes this release seem longer than the timer on your cd player says it is." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| PARVOART | 6.90

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