"Nicolas Jaar makes weird, self-contained music that only lands a glancing blow on house or any other particular dance subgenre. Jaar's music incorporates lounge pop, African jazz, hip-hop, and sound collage in addition to house and pinches of dubstep. The type of soundsystem most appropriate for Space isn't a sleek club hi -fi but a Victrola in a stop-motion film ("steampunk house"-- let's please not go there). The textures and ingredients of Jaar's music exist in the context of techno-- rhythm and repetition are clearly important to him-- but Space is not dance music. It's too slow, sure, but it's also too diffuse in its methods and results. Pianos, organs, guitar strings, and, most surprisingly, Jaar's voice all fall under Space's sepia-toned veil. This sounds like a lot to take in, but Jaar goes to great lengths to ensure that Space settles lightly. The tracks are short, funny, and always hitched to a melody. He sidesteps impulses to drift into full-on ambience, skronk, or extended beat passages." (Pitchfork) second pressing, due to legal reasons with one track less than the first pressing
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| CIRCUS COMPANY | 16.90

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