"This project was created from a series of improvisations, compositional sketches, and field recordings. With the help of Pro Tools, it has evolved into this present form. Nils Bultmann is a violist, improviser, and composer currently based in the San Francisco Bay area. He has generated an expansive body of work in the recording studio, including solo and multi-track viola music as well as collaborative and improvised material. He also writes through-composed works for traditional instrumentation including for solo pieces, string quartets, and orchestral music. He has appeared as a soloist with an orchestra premiering his own work. As an improviser, he has worked with Ken Butler, David Wessel, Frank Gratkowski, Myra Melford, Evan Parker, and Roscoe Mitchell." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| m-/m-| MUTABLEMUSIC | 8.00

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