"Thirty minutes of guitar delirium from Italy's finest avant guitarist. Morgia starts off in his own unique warped way, with a noise psych intro filled with fiery bendings and his signature wild distortion. Then the guitar gets modulated until it's filtered and thinned out to a hammering, hypnotic cicada chant. It's a Kafkian nightmare, and when the guitar is reduced to bits, it feels like it's emitting its last cries of help, like Solmania's face-cutting licks, or better, like a windy February night walk in NY. Morgia's guitar work resembles the extended techniques applied to trumpet by Peter Evans and Axel Doerner, both in terms of dynamics and research, especially in richness, clarity and overtones, and also in a beyond-limits live performance (there are no overdubs on any of his recordings). Pro-dubbed imprinted black tapes with a foxxy Ninni on the cover. Edition of 100." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| ULTRAMARINE | 6.50

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