"This double vinyl slab features Italian guitarist Ninni Morgia, in duet with free jazz bassist William Parker. Listeners expecting standard jazz chords, or even skronk that obeys the rules of 21st Century avant improv, will be thrown off stride by what they hear. Morgia pushes his sound through pedals and devices until it's a shrivelled set of electronic pulses; the sound of fingers or plectrum on strings is absent. It sounds like he's playing a theremin sometimes, and other times it doesn't sound like anyone's playing at all. Instead it's like listening to a conversation between two old dial-up modems. Parker, for his part, doesn't always play bass, he blows a small whistle that's ready and almost kazoo-like. ...when the bass is deployed, it's with a thick, resonant rumble that anchors anything the guitar and/or electronics might come up with... Parker's plucking is emotionally weighty, and Morgia's guitar work, even at its most abstract and non-guitarish, has real beauty. You won't hear anything else like this anytime soon." (The Wire)
in stock | IT| 2010| ULTRAMARINE | 21.90

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