"Founded in Vienna 2004, the instrumental combo with the strange-but-beautiful name NITRO MAHALIA made their own sonic nest somewhere between DIY-post-punk and electronic confusion. And a pretty impressive nest this is. After personal changes in the last years Nitro Mahalia is now represented by Gregor Mahnert (drums), Tronstoner (bass, synthesizer), Elise Mory (keyboards) and Susi von Hannover (brass, accordion). Listening to this freshly released and untitled debut album for the first time, one could easily oversee a sharp turn, miss a trap door or stumble upon rhythmical changes without NITRO MAHALIA. The clarity of ultra-tight riffs in the vein of citation-kings TRANS AM changes to a brain-dazzling, ZAPPAesque-progression while SKELETON KEY-like-percussion-powers switch to catchy pop tunes within the blink of an ear. To even further expand their already rich timbral universe the band likes to invite a couple of dear friends to bring in some new tricks to the show. So on this record NITRO MAHALIA host a fine selection of guests like Eva Jantschitsch (GUSTAV) singing about conquering the world, or Christian Egger (BEAUTIES OF THE NIGHT, JOY RELIGION, SATELLITE FOOTPRINTSHOP) lending his vocal talent to a cover version of WIPEOUT's "Victims". Chris Janka puts himself on the line while throwing out sparks of his 20 000 volts guitar and last but not least experimental turntablist DIEB13 is shifting his records at the explosive live recorded final of the record." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2010| INTERSTELLAR RECORDS | 12.90

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