"Two years after his "In_Sect" debut, Niveau Zero presents with "Jasmine" a very ambitious album in which he refines and improves the recipe which has made him one the highest regarded figures of European bass music. Still refusing to embrace any trend, he combines dubstep, metal, hip-hop and break-beats in an ensemble that not only stays coherent from start to finish, but constantly evolves, changes and keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats. A detailled, massive and towering display of inventivity and takent, "Jasmine" is the perfect studio-translation of what makes Niveau Zero one of the most exciting act around. In times where dubstep is judged by many as having become stale and predictable, Niveau Zero showcases here with vigor that its basic components can still be used to write material which is genuinely exciting, musically satisfying and stylistically surprising." (label info) vinyl version comes with CD
in stock | DE| 2012| AD NOISEAM | 18.90

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