special offer, new copy, sealed "After a stellar performance on Mushi-No-Ne, No. 9 continues to indulge in childlike whimsy on Micro Films -- a small story in sound and pictures of the entire world of plants and animals. This is organic music that evolves with time -- like the memory of a good movie or book -- and, as the album title suggests, with just a little light & magnification, dazzling new audiovisual vistas are opened up to the naked ear. Micro Films is a tour de force of animated mellow electropop encompassing downtempo, pop minimalism, ambient glitch drill'n' bass and acid jazz, where the rhythms of insects and the scurrying impressions of city life on the Tokyo streets are one in Joe Takayuki's design. Packaged with a beautiful collection of 13 illustrations by 13 contemporary Japanese artists." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| LOCUST | 9.90

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