"Estrela is the third chapter of Norberto Lobo's solo records on three:four. If it is easily identifiable by the black and white photography by Antonio Julio Duarte on the front cover, the music brings some newness: for the first time under his own name, Norberto Lobo is playing with a trio composed of Yaw Tembe (trumpet), Ricardo Jacinto (cello) and Marco Franco (drums). Paradoxically, it's accompanied by these experimented musicians that Estrela sounds like his most personal record to date. Lobo's unique approach of composition claim some influences (Tom Ze, Moacir Santos, 50's jazz) in a more assured way. Once again a result of his rich inner world, his puissant curiosity for life and people - fellow musicians, his peers, and audiences, other countries, languages and cultures - and a particular aesthetic disquietude to the musical language that he has been blessing us with his six strings." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2018| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 12.90

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