Peter Brötzmann - alto & tenor saxophones, metal Bb clarinet, Mikolaj Trzaska - alto & C melody saxophones & bass clarinet, Peter Friis Nielsen - bass, Peeter Uuskyla - drums. "The quartet's esthetics are determined first of all by the ecstatic free jazz with the spirit of Ayler or late Coltrane but also free improv from Europe as well as noise-jazz search from the area of Last Exit, All four musicians are artists with unique expression. Wild, croaking sound of Brötzmann - once called saxophone's butcher - still maintains its virulence. His titanic, furious tone yet doesn't contradict strokes of peculiar, austere lyricism. It is accompanied by sometimes clearer, loftier but often also harsh, penetrating, always impassioned Trzaska's alt. Phrases of wind instruments explode time after time, they turn into dialogues relating to dazzling with their intensity two-voices of Coltrane and Phaorah Sanders recorded in the last months of "Love Supreme" author's life. Sometimes the tension disperses in subtly folk motives which are Miko?aj's specialty. Complex but with internal logic (even if it is based only on intuition) architecture of the already mentioned, very original section creates wobbling but very elastic and still stable frame. Friis-Nielsen's thick, peculiarly splashing sound practically lacking any regularity and Uuskyla's groove - often as irregular, rather thrifty and not hasty - absorb with their specific in their own way funky vibration." (Fluid)
in stock | POL| 2006| KILOGRAM RECORDS | 14.90

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