"If you know anything about this group you know to keep your mind and ears open. There are certain very vague parameters Mr. Rose and The North Sea work within. One can expect an interesting selection of both acoustic and electric instruments, and a shimmering tension created by the juxtaposition of old song forms/instruments with new ideas and technologies. Even given those small guidelines, 'Archaic Spines' may surprise even the most dedicated Brad Rose/North Sea fans, as we are presented with a fine selection of very sparse and lovely meditations for bouzouki. The sound is raw, apparently released as recorded with few (if any) overdubs or effects. The effect is mesmerizing and refreshing, one instrument played with feeling and an unerring ear for the folk rivers that feed The North Sea's ocean of sound." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2007| A SILENT PLACE | 4.90

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