"Berlin-based Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and Athens-based artist Thanasis Kaproulias (working under the moniker Novi_sad) collaborate to create immersive audiovisual works that combine digitally generated video by Kurokawa and sound explorations by Novi_sad. CD with 48-page 600-gram book, measuring 245x220 mm. Sirens is an impressive work comprising five audiovisual pieces that explore the aesthetics of data. Sirens is a collection of digitally rendered visual formations and sound compositions with an intensity that fluctuates in relation to the unfolding of the economic downturn. Tied to the fate of the global markets, the more the economy fails (as represented by data and indexes), the more developed and complex the coupled sounds and visual sequences become. Any disintegration of financial fortunes leads directly to the emergence of a greater creative energy in an inverse tug-of-war. Sirens elucidates the relationship between generative visualization and cinematic practices, as this computer-generated video work transforms our understanding of the relationship between moving image, data, and the cinematic." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| SUB ROSA | 32.90

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