"On "The Hepadaboo", their second studio album, London-based group NOW are delving further into the unexplored regions of off-beat pop music. Brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Justin Paton, the band has been cultivating their very own concoction of krautrocky, catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious and harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music since 1998. Before releasing their first album to great critical acclaim, NOW worked with visionary underground musicians such as Can's Damo Suzuki, Charles Hayward (This Heat), Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team) or Man From Uranus, and regularly appeared on CD and vinyl compilations. Their sense of adventure continues to attract interesting collaborations, and has earned them support slots with bands such as Faust, Circle, Tunng, Psapp, Rothko, Plaid and A Hawk And A Hacksaw." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2008| FLAU | 12.90

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