"The debut record from the band NUCLEAR POWER PANTS, an act born out of the Wham City Collective in Baltimore, MD. Wham City has been the breeding ground for many other notable Baltimore bands such as Dan Deacon, Ponytail, Future Island, and DJ Dog Dick, just to name a few. Nuclear Power Pants are a five-piece orchestra of blipping, beeping, shouting, moaning, grinding, pounding, leaking craziness. This curious orchestra is fronted by two male nuclear mutant singers and three gorgeous, choreographed, singing female librarians appropriately called the REDFIELD LIBRARIANS. The males make the mess. The females make it sparkle. To anyone who has ever been obsessed with The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu, the hypnotizing Moog madness of Kraftwerk, the energy of 1st Issue by P.I.L. or anyone who has ever been afraid to admit how much they adore the Shangri-Las, then Wicked Eats The Warrior is the record for you." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| ANCHOR BRAIN | 10.00

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