"The fact that Nufa's second work has been released a full four years after their debut doesn't mean that the band has been inactive. Aside from the various phases of work on the new album, the ex-Ulmers were also consumed with work on projects with e.stonji, Bernadette La Hengst and Bill Elgart. Nufa is ready for the big gesture, for drama and pathos; but singer and lyric-writer Jacob Schneikart also dares simplicity in the lyrics. We're not used to this - those of us who normally take noise for art and spectacle for truth. Schneikart puts his faith back into words, and the band let the words echo, supporting them with sound where the words falter. In the best of their songs, here and there, Nufa sounds like early Blumfeld - intoning lyrics with theatrics and great pathos. But then again, you sense great musical expertise - indicating things far beyond the post-postrock that Nufa offers on "Das Wetter ist schön heute". The quintet hazards music. Nufa hazards emotion. They have the courage to embrace kitsch. Such great courage, that in the end the kitsch fails to appear. The band operates, not without caution, not without self confidence, but with great honesty." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| KLANGBAD | 12.90

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