"The opening "Suggestion for a New National Anthem" is one of the finest drone pieces I've heard all year and about halfway through its eight minutes some field recordings are added to the mix, and suddenly it's no longer a lulling drone cloud but sonic dust particles packed with dread. This shift ... makes sense given the duo's predilection for going from sorrowful, but beautiful, soundscapes to noise both between and within tracks. At its most claustrophobic and harsh Urmerica is just as alien and frightening as Omit or even Sunroof! and given that you probably know that you're in for some serious inter-dimensional exploration. No words can really prepare you for the sort of time-space suspension that's created here but I know for a fact that any fan of damaged drones and murky noise would be a fool to walk this one by without giving it a spin. Highly recommended." (Broken Face)
in stock | US| 2005| m-/m-| REBIS | 10.00

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