"nunu, a pianist from Germany, releases her first mini album from Schole records. Her debut piece includes 7 piano solos, blends in with the elegance from her roots of classical music and with the improvisational performance. The classical melody composed of miminal sound, and the perfect touch of the keys with gentle flow, are making an appearance. with the academic background of studying piano at university of music, she relies on improvisational performance using epiphany and fluctuation, reflecting the sound of her "spirit", rather than the emphasis on technical and elaborateness in her compositions. In nunu's music, she gently leaves only the essential notes on the minimally-coloured keyboards, as the more simple it is, the more touching deeply. The more one listens, the one will sense the rich and varied sound created in the midest of silence. "A sound dropping out from fingertips", this pharse very suits her well-honed sense of expression in her works." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2010| SCHOLE RECORDS | 13.90

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