"Church of the Ghetto P.C. is an aural experience of jaw-dropping agog, like reading a new language, a kind of graffiti action-script dedicated to all the industrial back-alley disjecta of our Bill Gates-induced modernity. Sharing slang with the Schematic crew, o9 can still talk minimal with the Raster-Noton label, noise-therapy with Mego, and knows the uprock narratives of Warp's great masters. o9's voice has the whole idiomatic spectrum intact and yet still the gospel truth is that o9 has a vocabulary all his own. Nothing can prepare you for his application of shamanistic sound, those calked beats and rhythm clusters, that catechistic technical polish that brings beaming luster to screen-frozen darkness. Considering the near anonymity of the o9 project-he's gone live at one Warp party in the UK and toured bruised America. And, given the fact of his so few releases -- singles and compilation appearances on revered labels such as Planet-Mu, Nophi, and of course, Schematic -- the question remains: Who the hell is o9 and where did the apostles of Schematic discover his burning laptop to release this first awesome full-length? Church of the Ghetto P.C. is a stunning and convulsive ripple of deep-membrane funk and syntactical synth notes. It's not old school, it's old testament, not high-tech, but high priest. It's as important as the fucking Bible. Cracking the egg code on total beat typography, o9 has written the first hard-driven masterpiece of this new dead-end, face-to-the-terminal century." -- Lee Henderson.
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| SCHEMATIC | 10.00

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