"OBJECT sees Australian sonic experimentalist, LAWRENCE ENGLISH cut a fresh pathway into the foliage-ridden realm of leftfield Hip Hop beatscapes. Tipping his hat to movements such as NYC"s swelling Rooftop Music community, contemporary Hip Hop, Jamaican Dancehall and abstract electronics, ENGLISH"S work as OBJECT seeks out the unfamiliar and the submerged. OBJECT draws together the overlooked elements of many styles and clashes them together in a controlled explosion of rhythm, texture and composition. Based in Brisbane, Australia - a place known to most as the gateway to the sunny post-Los Angeles themed lands of the Gold Coast, OBJECT (known to friends and family as LAWRENCE ENGLISH) has been contributing uncharacteristic sonic debris to the soundscapes of the region for almost ten years. In that time, his work has shifted focus, moving between various extremes and has seen him spawn a multitude of guises, each equipped to address a differing stylistic form and approach."
in stock | BE| 2003| m-/m-| QUATERMASS | 5.00

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