"The Double have been steadily building a name for themselves on both sides of the pond with their brand of edgy, textured atmospheric rock bringing to mind The Walkmen, Secret Machines and Radiohead. Their track here, 'Hot Air', drives forward with a colorful pop racket and keen vocals before wafting to pure silence, only to come back all pilled up and paranoid with barely a trace of its original form. On the flip, The Occasion compliments their fellow travelers, with a psyche-pop nugget of stoner freakouts and lush plucky grooves. The use of tape loops, delays and reverb open the track 'Equine' up beautifully, bringing to mind early-Floyd sensibilities and a confident sense of why feedback is the perfect bedfellow to psychedelic experimentation." (labelinfo)
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| WOBBLYHEAD | 5.00

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