"Ojra is Ukrainian folk band of four: Halyna Breslavets - Voice, Natalka Dudynska - Violin, Petro Yuha - Solilka, Hulusi, Yurko Yefremov - Bass, Dulcimer, Drymba. During more than 10 years musicians are collecting and studying authentic Ukrainian folk music. Ojra are laureates and participants of many folk, jazz and rock tenders and festivals. In 2007 OJRA and experimental electronic musician Andrey Kiritchenko met together and decided to make a folk / electronic collaboration. Kiritchenko started his musical career in 1995 as a singer, song-writer and guitar player. Being involved mostly in experimental electronic and electroacoustic music for the last few years, Andrey gains recognition among the musicians and followers of this style all over the world. His activities range from indie-pop to improv, from melodic electroacoustic to experimental techno." (label info)
in stock | ua| 2010| NEXSOUND | 12.90

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