"Alex Smalley (AKA Olan Mill) is responsible for some of our favourite releases over the past few years. From albums such as Home, Pine, Paths, Hiraeth, and Seismology, Olan Mill have created a broad spectrum of incredibly intimate and personal works. Over each release, the subtle interweaving of incredibly affecting passages touch in the most purely romantic of ways. 'Half Seas Over' is the latest work from this most inspired of artists. Including some of his astonishing live work, alongside new studio pieces, the hauntingly beautiful vocals that have become increasingly pre-dominant in his works really take centre stage here. The etymology of the expression 'half seas over' comes from the notion of a ship being so heavy that it sits low enough that small waves (half seas) wash over the deck of a ship. Over time it has changed from meaning 'halfway across the sea' to 'halfway through a matter' by the late 1600's. This really heightens the elements when we consider the more modern usage of 'intoxication'. The sound of Olan Mill could easily be symbolized by the sea, with its great vastness, power and magnificence. But then again, it could also be that the subtleties, the intimate parts beyond that sheer size of such works, lies in the little waves, the 'half seas' that wash over us. 'Half Seas Over' is the sound of an artist absolutely at the height of his immense powers, encompassing dreams in auditory form for us lucky sailors." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| HOME NORMAL | 9.90

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