""Dream of The Wind" is the eighth release of the Russian band Ole Lukkoye. The recordings on this album date back to the years 1989-91, and are the missing link between their former band Rainy Season, and Ole Lukkoye's highly acclaimed debut album "Zapara" from 1993. Rainy Season was a progressive art-rock ensemble and part of the then booming alternative music circuit in Saint Petersburg (then called Leningrad). the multimedia track featured on the CD - the 1990 video clip of Ikar's Flight - will for the first time outside of the live context, allow fans to gain an impression of the work of long-term band member and video and light artist Vadim Kouzenkovs, who produces spectacular light-shows for their live concerts." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2003| LOLLIPOP SHOP | 12.90

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