"Forming the backbone of this release, these bouts of musical improvisation in no way indicate an album full of wandering compositions or half-baked ideas. Rather, the One Second Bridge ethos verges on the melody-drenched output of classic 4AD or even Morr's Slowdive tributes. Opening with the self-titled "One Second Bridge," Garcia and Bieniaszewski roam into view against a watercolor backdrop of Basinksi-styled decaying soundscapes, before the contrast is drawn to the foreground through chiming acoustic guitars and a heat-haze of effects that leave everything tantalizingly out of reach. From here, the next stop is effects layered post-rock on the appropriately titled "No.2," wherein Mogwai's "Somewhere Nice" is given a bright-eyed rinse-down and comes out the other side with a genuine spring in its step that is both infectious and deeply moving. Elsewhere, "Um Minuto" uses some Satie-inspired piano to poignant effect, "Keep On Falling" manages to reference both Badalamenti and Slowdive without becoming overawed, whilst "Alt.Ending" sees you out on a blush of choral rectitude. A gorgeous album that wears its grandness with astonishing ease." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| m-/m-| BÜRO | 5.00

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