"Oneohtrix Point Never is Daniel Lopatin's project of polysynth epic electronic sound. Cascading melodies, holistic drones, and folding tones combine to create a dichotomy of sound that reflects on the organic discovery of our nature and the infinity possibilities within our enclosed human systems. "Betrayed In The Octagon" is a frozen fantasy that brings to mind caves and other hidden places where life started billions of years ago. OPN is a lost soul from the polysynth epoch giving a nod to the old masters while moving trough the systems of 21st century life and reflecting them in the pure beauty of total electronic moving sound. Originally released as a cassette on Deception Island in 2007, "Octagon" was the first OPN release." (label info) with download code. rerelease of the No Fun LP from 2009
in stock | US| 2013| SOFTWARE | 20.90

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