"Legendary label UNKNOWNMIX, known for releasing artists such as ADS(ASTEROID DESERT SONGS)and HOI VOODOO is back!! The first release on the newly restarted label is Optrum. Optrum is made up of Atsuhiro Ito, who plays a modified fluorescent bulb called the "OPTRON" as if it were a guitar(this homemade instrument amplifies the electrical discharge noise emitted from fluorescent lighting), and Yoichiro Shin, who is a highly technical hardcore punk/heavy rock drummer with experience in the improv scene. The first official album by Optrum eliminates all forms of melody, and their explosive optical noise core sound is not only unforgettable, but is far from being a gentle audio-visual experience. The OPTRON, a sonic apparatus that generates visuals (or a visual apparatus that generates audio) is gaining attention worldwide!! "Consisting of the first person in music history to "play" a fluorescent bulb, and a drummer that plays in silent and hardcore settings have joined forces to create an unprecedented high tension duo noise punk band! Just listening to them for 3 seconds is enough to get you hooked, and their brutal and spontaneous song structures, explosively emtional sound, and underlying lyricism encompasses the history of loud bands from Napalm Death, Naked City, and Lightning Bolt. The speedy and intense rhythms, and the shape-shifting sound of the fluorescent light/OPTRON creates unseen and unheard of sights and sounds. This ultimate sonic experience awaits you." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| HEADZ | 16.90

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