"This CD sees Origami Replika (a now defunct part of the ever changing Origami cultural collective-phenomenon) made up by three of Norway's most diehard noiseheads -- Lasse Marhaug, Tore H. Boe, and Mads Staff Jensen. Recorded in 1997, this effort is entirely based on sound sources from the back catalogue of Merzbow. With no back-bending, knee-scraping humility, and with a pure love for all source sounds, Origami Replika have shaped classic Merzbow sound into all-new compositions. These are innovative and highly potent re-workings of the harsh soundwaves, recommended to all those who still have a healthy addiction to the Merzbow sounds of yesterday. Thick and meaty, the blasts emanating from the speakers is filled with lusty, fetishized, organic heavy noise and experimental Dadaism, ready to be devoured by the faithful disciples. Originally planned for release on another label, and now finally unleashed on Segerhuva, this is a CD that has been tried and tested over and over again. These recordings, created almost a decade ago, have been remastered by Lasse Marhaug, and it is safe to say that this CD has stood the test of TIME. After nine years, it sounds remarkable -- a solid chunk of the classic, living breathing Noise Object that some call religion. Bottom line -- the NOISE FETISH is still very much alive and well. This time it comes from a somewhat unexpected source. Indulge!" (label info)
in stock | SE| 2005| vg+/vg+| SEGERHUVA | 9.90

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