special offer "from time to time i get on a train. i set off with no definite goal. quite alone. i take any local branch in the surroundings of vienna. only one thing is certain: i take the early train. from any station. preferably heading north or east. but any direction will do. i have nothing on me but a timetable. i get off whenever i am in the mood to do so. if the bizarre or poetical name of a place attracts my attention. i hang around in station bars. stroll around for an hour. breathe the smell, the stench. listen. watch. without me doing much it all adds up to a complete day. while recording my solo album i have tried to do the same. i had nothing on me but a few sheets with: motifs, themes, combinations of chords, formal structures, specific sound figures, verbal notes as signposts and so on. thus prepared i embarked on a journey with my piano in the way i do with trains. i hoped my improvisations would all add up to a complete album, if i were only sensitive enough towards what i would experience while recording. i guess, on those two wet and cold days of may, i have travelled through a specific landscape that i had to discover inside myself first. i would like to offer this experience and call it poemia." (oskar aichinger)
in stock | AT| 1997| DURIAN | 8.90

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