"'Terra_Incognita' by Oubys is the first release on the new Belgian label Testtoon Records. Following up on his two acclaimed CD releases on the U-Cover label, Oubys' 'Terra_Incognita' delves into even more vast territory. Essentially an exploration of different spaces and different modes of energy, 'Terra_Incognita' uses a distinctly analogue production and mastering design to lure the listener into a trance-like lullaby, a hypnotic state of altered consciousness if you will. At the same time though, the music plays with a direct expression of organic elements, earthing the listening experience, thus giving it a solid base. The sound of the album should be felt, should be lived. At maximum volume or at low volume, the experience is one of a beautiful paradox. A continous counterpoint of energy materializing and matter being transformed into energy. Mellow washes alternate with sharp, almost piercing sounds, deep sub-tones alternate with hiss. Oubys' intention is to confront and subdue, to make space be felt and to translate and transmit energy." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2011| TESTTOON RECORDS | 13.90

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