"The digital terrorist attacks with a CDEP comprised of new material and six songs which graced his previous 12" releases, Aero Deko and Szenario. Szenariodisk continues his exploration and manipulation of digital technology. This CDEP is the final installment in his three part series. This series of Oval Process Software takes a leap from the platform of Dok. While Dok employed the sound files of Christof Charles, the new EPs are made from the rich and round tones of the Oval sound files. The tones and melodies are a ghost, or a faint reminder of the melodies on the Oval debut Systemisch. There is considerable depth and a deep groove." [Content clarification: there are acutally 11 tracks on this release, including 5 new, very short tracks that are apparently exclusive to this issue; total time: 25 minutes] TRACKS: EPISONIK, KARDIO V, ZENTRIK, MOTIF, MEMO, PAR
in stock | US| 1999| THRILL JOCKEY | 6.90

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