"OVER THE ATLANTIC are the latest slightly older than teenage pop sensations from (actually) Over the Pacific - New Zealand that is. The electric guitar/laptop duo consists of Bevan Smith, who honed his guitar and production chops as Carpark artist SIGNER (as well as other projects on his Involve record label) and Nik Brinkman, who's been perfecting his telecaster windmill in numerous indie bands since he was a wee lad. Their debut release 'Junica' is the Breakfast Club soundtrack for the post-Breakfast Club generation. Or a digitally-enhanced version of classic New Zealand pop (a la Flying Nun era) with a 90's English twist. Either way, Over The Atlantic have poignantly integrated heart-wrenching melodies, danceable beats, and electronic harmonies into songs about breaking up, coming together, looking at the stars, and hanging out on Myspace." (label info) clearance sale
in stock | US| 2006| CARPARK | 6.90

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