"Brand new limited album (400 copies on coloured vinyl w/stickered sleeve) from Adam Kriney's square-slaying free jazz unit, this time in trio format with Kriney on drums, Gene Janas on upright bass and Mario Rechtern on saxophones. Rechtern has been a long-term presence on the fringes of the US/Euro free scene, playing as a member of Reform Art Unit alongside Sunny Murray and Linda Sharrock and recently guesting with Weasel Walter in his Quartet/Sextet/Trio. The feel here is of fully liberated energy forms, with limbs forced deep into the kinda bastions of freedom associated with a buncha exclusive outside music streams like psych rock, hardcore grunt, primitive field blather and - of course - fire music and beyond. There's a muscular attack and a commitment to pushing past mere dialogue and interaction that sounds most like Black Flag at their jamminest, while the actual weight of the constituent parts has as much to do with Red-era King Crimson as it does with Sunny Murray's work with ESP-Disk. I dunno, but it almost feels to me as if post fire music played with a post punk/noise mindset may finally be on the up. So release your grip on your own brain and reconnect yr ass to the cosmos. A split release between Wooden Wand's Mad Monk imprint and Kriney's Colour Sounds Recordings." (Volcanic Tongue)
in stock | US| 2007| m-/m-| MAD MONK | 17.90

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