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"Three years after releasing "Late Superimpositions", three:four records join forces with Feeding Tube records and keep exploring the repertoire of legendary Supreme Dicks co-founder, guitarist and singer Danny Oxenberg, along with his mysterious acolyte Bear Galvin. With "Early Abstractions, Vol. 1", Danny Oxenberg, Bear Galvin & friends (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy), that's how they call themselves, dug into their archives since most of the tracks chosen for this new album date back from recordings made by Danny on Azalia Snail's Tascam cassette fourtrack between 1992 and 1998 in New York City, occasionally joined by Supreme Dicks members or friends gravitating in the band's galaxy. After quite a few stages of work and successive song incarnations, "Early Abstractions" underwent a slimming cure by shrinking from a 2LP format to a simple LP (while gaining the words "Vol. 1": an omen). At the same time, the record was also enriched with six songs composed in the 2000's with Bear. Supreme Dicks exegetes will appreciate the record's credits, funny puns, misuse of titles and other winks to old obsessions in the likes of Harry Smith, Wilhelm Reich, Phil Ochs, Leonard Cohen, Fernando Rey, etc.The album was produced by Maxime Guitton, with original art by Hippolyte Hentgen and design/layout by Darryl Norsen." (label info) co-released with Feeding Tube Records, edition of 300 copies
in stock | CH| 2019| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 16.90

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