"Here it is, P. Miles Bryson's 2nd release for Illegal Art. This time the sound source is a giant stack of pop tunes from the 1960s. Many are recognizable as P. Miles carves out an addictive mix where the songs are both altered and preserved. In the end the listener is left with a dizzying yet amazingly friendly collage that merges fascism with interior decorating. We still don't understand what this has to do with Stalin (except for what the elaborate liner notes insinuate), but the vibrant layers of neo-revivalist-retro music are simply blissful. Resurrecting the glorious excesses of the past, this is a roadtrip in a neon pink-and-yellow Cadillac shoo-bee-doodling the return to style and elegance. After all the discourse and digital editing it's really about the pleasure of silk draperies and orange vinyl floor tiles. P. Miles is an obsessive collage/sound artist located in Arizona who has also released on Solipsism, genesungswerk, SSSM, Cynfeirdd, Anaemic Waves Factory, and 6 on the dot." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| ILLEGAL ART | 14.90

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