"Percussive elements are discernible (Stuart sleeve-credited with friction, electricity, gravity), pure or transmogrified. But the who-did-what aspect is even sillier to dwell on than usual as what one confronts are these enormous, extraordinarily deep slabs of sound, layered as far in as one can hear. If there's a visual analogy that springs to mind it's of a multitude of thin sheets--a wide range of colors, grains, embedded elements, degrees of transparency and opaqueness--overlaid with a fine combination of care and abandon. A tremendously exciting recording and a very auspicious debut for the Erst imprint, AEU'. Brian Olewnick . ErstAEU, a new sub-label to 'document the work of young American experimental musicians working in a post-electroacoustic vein." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| ERSTWHILE | 16.90

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