special offer "After the stunning Last Drop At Hideout EP from last year (released on the Optimo DJ's OSCARR label), Park Attack went to France to record their first full-length. A wild mix of stomp rock, slop punk and no wave intensity. Half-Past Human recalls the tribal arrhythmic sounds of DNA, the blaring energy of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and noise guitar hell of early Sonic Youth. The synth heavy sound does little to smooth the roughly sewn corners of their sound, which sets electronics against grumbling guitar and wailing vocals. The addition of a fourth member, Jamie Grier, on electronics (synth, bass, whatever else may be available at the moment) has solidified the band's sound to a severe stomping force of nature. Live, the band lets the full growl of their sound be heard, and with UK dates planned for later this year, the noise will finally be heard Stateside. Not exactly a recipe for chart-busting success, then, but what the hell? This is ferocious." (NME)
in stock | FR| 2006| TEXTILE | 6.90

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