"As the second release from flau, and also the second album by Part Timer, Blue is unarguably a masterpiece of organic bedroom folk sounds for daily life. This luminous album is a collection of brand new tunes, a couple of remixes and some bits from the voluminous archives at McCaffrey HQ. His stunning click beats, and sublime warm melodies from acoustic guitar, beautifully exhibits the moteer's sound, with a polished touch of folk. More elegant and pastoral than the melancholic sounds of his self-titled debut album Part Timer's Blue album features the fantastic Australian string quartet Fourplay,with its string instruments gorgeously instill weight and warmness into the already beautiful melodies. Also contributing to this album are the dreamy vocals of Nicola Hodgkinson (a.k.a. empress) and Andrew Johnson of The Remote Viewer. Blue is where organic sounds and tranquil atmosphere drift together, gently blowing folkish breezes in between the summer leaves." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| FLAU | 12.90

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