"The album includes the selection of the pieces I've been working on during last 4 years. Direct pretext for creating it was not exactly a will to consider a particular musical likelihood or a desire to face technical problems, but rather a kind of attraction of an outer object: a film, a person, a view. Most of the pieces were born in my house - inspired by a picture or straight out of my imagination or made up on a paper and, eventually, recorded in the studio. Characteristic for this particular material is the role of computer, which is restricted to the mastering stage only and totaly excluded from the process of creation. That decision followed the exhaustion of electronic and electroacoustic music, on which I have been working earlier within such projects as MEOMA and EA. There is no sound synthesis and samples in any of those pieces as well - all instruments really exist and were recorded also with my friends' help. Works I'm showing here have no ambitions to mark up new directions in art or compete with its great deeds, they are rather recordings of my own personal pleasures resulted from dealing with beautiful pictures perceived as sound configurations." (P.Zakrocki)
in stock | PL| 2006| MONOTYPE RECORDS | 8.00

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