"This work is a composition in two parts. The same magic square is transposed in two versions. Presented as a room installation, 'A magic square of 5 to look at' is a floorpiece of 5 x 5 m, and 'A magic square of 5 to listen to' can be heard through a quadraphonic sound system performing the four staffs of the score independently, starting about 5 seconds after each other. The audience moves around the floorpiece in the space. Panhuysen (1934) is an internationally recognised artist. Best known for his site-specific long string installations all over the world, he also is involved in systematic visual art. Calculus links his visual and sound art together. Furthermore he has been the artistic. director of Het Apollohuis for about 2 decades. At the festival he will present a new installation entitled "A Magic Square to Look at and a Magic Square to Listen to"; both are produced from the numbers of the same magic square of 5. "Number is the origin of all things", Pythagoras said. And Boethius said "music is number made audible". Paul Panhuysen is also a member of the Macunias Ensemble. His works were released by Het Apollohuis, Table Of The Elements and Experimental Intermedia." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2004| PLINKITY PLONK | 12.90

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