"Discours amoureux is a psycho-acoustic essay, a consciously digital ambient album between laptop electronica and field recordings. Mental strolls - geographic and historical, musical and philosophical - are combined with the real strolls through the green spheres of the summery, loud city on the search for security, calm, a chance to exhale. The impressions are immediately tonally processed and reflected. The result is new, unexpected interpretations, spaces and cross-connections - unexpressed stories, lucid moments, heard and unheard elements. All pieces were created in summer 2016 and mostly recorded in laptop live-performance mode straight onto another "recorder" computer. Poetic, tender, but also crashing, Paul Wirkus gruffly re-announces his presence with resigned enthusiasm with a new minimal electronica album." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2016| EDITION BEIDES | 10.90

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