"Thru all its peaks and valleys the larger arc of themes within The Fifth State are about dreams, loss of innocence, strength and seeking an enlightened state of being after trials and tribulations. Sonically the double album shifts through many states from beginning to end, resonating deep, like a drive thru foreign landscapes where you're glued to the window as everything slowly changes around you. The flow and pacing of songs has a sense of wonderment and each time you play it there's a whole new batch of lovely sounds and eccentricities within each of the players. While bringing together their love of Psychedelic music, House, Electronic and Reggae each song manages to live it's own life and yet still there is some magical thread that binds them together." (label info) vinyl version comes with download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2017| TWO FLOWER RECORDS | 30.90

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