"The peärls before swïne experience take new music out of its traditional milieu with great intensity and a newly written repertoire. They commission short pieces and work in close contact with some of the best young composers from Sweden and abroad. Their setting is actually that of a 19th century salon orchestra, but they instead put their energy towards creating a totally new attitude towards modern music. Now, the "swïne" have released a new CD called swïne live! This time, they wanted to make a "live" CD that captures some of the feeling of their concerts. To help, they engaged one of Sweden's true pioneers of electroacoustic music, Sten Hanson, to rework the audience sounds between works - a typical groundbreaking collaboration." (Label info) 1 Unknown Artist 0'32 (0:32) 2 David Lang Short Fall (4:15) 3 Sten Hanson Interludium I (0:43) 4 Mårten Josjö Tangram #1 (9:31) 5 Sten Hanson Interludium II (0:25) 6 Per Mårtensson Quartet (5:44) 7 Sten Hanson Interludium III (0:59) 8 André Chini Surströmmingsrap(p) (6:43) 9 Sten Hanson Interludium IV (0:12) 10 Annie Gosfield Cranks And Cactus Needles (6:46) 11 Sten Hanson Interludium V (0:37) 12 Anders Hillborg Truffle Hymn (4:51) 13 Sten Hanson Interludium VI (0:25) 14 Tristan Murail Feuilles À Travers Les Cloches (6:30) 15 Sten Hanson Interludium VII (0:27) 16 Mikael Edlund Cosi Ballano I Cinghiali (5:49) 17 Unknown Artist 0'19 (0:19) 18 S. Pat. Simmerud Pärlor Från Svin/Pearls From Swine (2:29)
in stock | SW| 2003| CAPRICE | 8.90

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