"Lee has won an international following for the strength and beauty of her improvisational style: she's fearless and sweet, just as likely to sing her heart out in a rhapsodic melody as she is to plunge headfirst into a gnarly exploration of knotty chords...Lee's compositional style is just as diverse... her particular compositional gift is evinced in the way her pieces flow, as if in a dream, from one form to another. Her melodies slide in and out of abstraction; skewed marches butt up against folksongs; chamber music niceties crumble under the assault of funk and psychedelia...Lee plunders all the musical resources available to her, but always in the service of musical expression." (Alex Varty) Peggy Lee - cello, Brad Turner - trumpet, Jeremy Berkman - trombone, Tony Wilson - electric and acoustic guitars, Andre Lachance - electric and acoustic basses, Dylan van der Schyff - drums, with Ron Samworth - electric and acoustic guitars (tracks 1, 4, 7 and 9).
in stock | CA| 2004| SPOOL | 9.90

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