"After their first album which came out in 1971 on Futura Records, Perception wanted to rapidly record a second, but Gerard Terrones did not want to produce another, especially so soon after the first. Therefore, the only solution was to produce it themselves. It is thus completely logical that it came out on the label of the Association for the Development of Improvised Music (A.D.M.I.) created by Didier Levallet with the aim of promoting creative music. As the album was entirely created from A to Z by Perception, they decided on a more ambitious project, exploring a wider palette of colours by augmenting the original quartet with additional instruments. So, it was with numerous guests including Teddy Lasry, Jean-Charles Capon, Kent Carter and Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, that Perception developed still further the apparently contradictory directions which were their specificity. This is further highlighted by the fact that Siegfried Kessler, largely absent on this recording, is temporarily replaced by Manuel Villaroel, a pianist from Chile with a completely different temperament. Contrary to the first album, which seems in comparison much more compact and united this second, with the many different options proposed, would seem to predict the different directions that musicians from Perception would subsequently take." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2019| SOUFFLE CONTINU RECORDS | 22.32

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