A long desire of extraordinaire saxophone player Peter Brotzmann was a studio recording of some of his favourite jazz tunes and his own music - a grande bridge over the music important for his life and his musical career in the past and present.... we invited him to Martin Siewert's studio in Vienna to do so in summer 2018. The result is intense, beautiful and touching. Peter Brötzmann: Tenor Saxophone Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Martin Siewert Linernotes and Artwork by Peter Brotzmann After 3 days of recording at Martin S's studio we had 7 hours of sheer music in the box. To tell the truth - I still haven't heard it all. To make it work I had to select, decided for just the tenor. I didn't come to the studio with a ,concept', a list of tunes or something like that. When I walk through the woods or stroll through a city I'm always whistling, tunes I have in my head through all my life and the only idea for this recording was to show - mostly to myself - the connection between what has been and what there is right NOW - the one can't exist without the other. You know - what was called ,revolution' in the 60ties was nothing more than the logical step in the right direction, strong but not strong enough if you have a look and listen what is happening in nowadays music and art. There are two ways to master this life - trying to be clever and fulfill expectations or to take a (sometimes very masochistic) stroll through time and eternity, trying to find out what's wrong with you. And if you have the feeling the bait is coming closer somebody moves the hook more far away again. That's what I am busy with and _. fuck the rest of the world. Peter Brotzmann, Wuppertal, 18th of August 2019
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