"With contributions by Lasse Marhaug, John Corbett, Gérard Rouy, David Keenan, Karl Lippegaus, and Jost Gebers. This catalog with about 260 works is published to the exhibition at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Sept. 2016. 368 pages, catalogue, soft cover." (label info) "Looking at his early posters and record covers it"s striking how fully formed his visual sense was from the very beginning. He had a background from both advertising and Fluxus art and built upon that. Just like his playing, he knew what he wanted to say with his graphic design. The music and visuals were coming from the same place. And there"s no question who it"s coming from. When you see a design by Peter there is little doubt who made it. His work has such a strong character that when we try to copy the style (and many have) it"s obvious who we"re stealing from - so we fail." (Lasse Marhaug)
in stock | DE| 2016| WOLKE VERLAG | 49.00

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