"Duos is a document of the many musical acquaintances that bassist Peter Kowald experienced in the six years between 1984 and 1990. This 3LP set compiles improvisations and composed pieces recorded in Europe, America and Japan. The box -long out of print- includes liner notes by Peter Kowald and recording details for each track. Among the featured artists are Evan Parker, Toshinori Kondo, Derek Bailey, Diamanda Galas, Jeanne Lee, and Julius Hemphill. This is a highpoint in Be! Jazz's reissue series of long-lost classics from the legendary vaults of FMP Records." (label info) Limited Edition of 200 copies on Clear vinyl. Remastered DMM vinyl cut, restored artwork & hi-grade printing. Comes with a 4-page insert.
soon in stock - please pre-order | EU| 2019| BE! JAZZ | 69.90

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