On this live recording from 1996, performed at the STEIM, Amsterdam and the 'Museum für Gegenwart', Berlin, Englishman Peter Cusack, best known for his electro/acoustic works and his improvisational music, has teamed up with the American composer/musician Nicolas Collins. Peter Cusack, who uses guitar, bouzouki, samplers and electronics on this CD, has worked with artists as various as Evan Parker, Jon Rose, Chris Cutler, David Toop and Max Eastley. Nicolas Collins studied with Alvin Lucier and worked with long-time John Cage assistant David Tudor for many years. Collins is a pioneer in the use of manipulated CD-players, long before Oval and others did this. A Host, of Golden Daffodils is an exciting meeting of two musicians, who create a gorgeous world of sounds using acoustic string instruments next to digital samples, manipulations and noises. These works are beyond technical speculation because they do not give the listener a moment to wonder or become concerned with process. They are happening -- and if you think about them you'll miss some grand detail that may never return." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1999| PLATE LUNCH | 4.90

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