"Many sound art works are intricately connected with the locations they are presented in, which is usually not where art fairs and exhibitions take place, but locations whose atmosphere and history are to be amplified or to be communicated. Or the locations have been specifically constructed, like the Philips pavilion at the world expo in Brussels in 1958, for which Edgard Varese created his Poeme electronique. So, works of sound art are often tied to a specific event as well, like "Plaque", which has spacial as well as historic roots. Is it "just" an archival recording of a long gone performance? Like Varese's Poeme electronique, "Plaque" was created for a specific event, the 200th birthday of Daniel Straub, whose endeavours in Geislingen shaped the small German town for decades to come. He was involved in the construction of the railroad line and founded a company called WMF, which produces kitchenware and cutlery to this date. Usenbenz and Schubert traced Straub's history in the Geislingen of our present. The collected field recordings were presented as a live performance, which served as a preliminary work and a basis for the work now published. "Plaque" is not just a recorded performance, it is an advanced work, a new composition containing additionally recorded material. It gently loosens its spacial and temporal roots without losing its contextual base." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2017| KLANGGOLD | 12.90

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